THE PIG-at Bridge Place

Saturday 13th August 12pm-11pm

Glamping Available

The Festival

THE PIG-at Bridge Place - 13th August 2022

Our musical honeypot of a house was one of Kent’s foremost rock & roll club venues in the 1960s, that in its glory days it played host to Led Zeppelin, The Kinks, The Moody Blues, Manfred Mann, The Yardbirds and many more…so it feels only right that the sounds of Smoked & Uncut should shake up once more!

Classic festi-food is order of the day across the festival, but if you fancy tucking into something a little heartier why not try one of our pop up feasting tents. Feasting tickets must be purchased IN ADDITION to a festival entrance ticket. 

Keep your eyes peeled as tickets and headliners will be announced in the coming weeks...


How to find us...

If you are travelling from a distance to attend, THE PIG team will be able to suggest suitable accommodation in the local area.

Smoked & Uncut at THE PIG-at Bridge Place
Bourne Park Rd