About PlayPass Wristband Payment Systems

All transactions are totally cashless all thanks to your PlayPass RFID wristband, which means the only payment method accepted on the day will be the chip on your wristband, apart from a handful of traders in our marketplace of independent traders. All Food Stalls, Bars and Feasting Tents will ONLY take wristband payments. PlayPass RFID payment systems are quick, easy and much safer than traditional cash handling. The systems are military-grade encrypted, so you’re in good hands.


What is RFID?

Radio Frequency Identification technology uses electromagnetic fields for data transfer which identifies objects with tracking tags. Throw on some electronic credits and debits, and you have yourself a PlayPass Wristband Payment System. Fancy, eh?


Is it secure?

On top of removing the risk of you losing your wallet mid festi-fun, if your wristband does happen to go walkies you can have your old one instantly cancelled at a Top Up Station and continue spending the remaining amount on the band. You can only transfer amounts from a lost wristband to a new one if you have registered online. We, unfortunately, cannot recover any money that has been spent on the lost wristband, so please report any lost wristbands ASAP.


Why use Wristband Payments?

  • Due to the huge complexities of festivals, wristband payment systems are the industry's best practice around the world.
  • Wristband payments are safer and easier to use than traditional cash handling.
  • It means minimal queuing time and maximum party time for you.
  • Pre-loading and using Auto Top-Up means you can have a hassle-free day!
  • Losing your wristband won’t be like losing your wallet – we can transfer the remaining amounts onto a new wristband.
  • You get food dished up and drinks poured much more quickly.
  • Automatic refunds will be initiated from Monday at 9 am after the event, provided you have set up your account, and you can expect to receive funds between 7-10 working days, depending on your bank.
  • Please note you must save your card details when topping up online to ensure you receive an automatic refund. Without saving the card details Weezevent won't be able to action an automatic refund, as there won't be any card details saved to send the funds to.
  • If you have set up a personal account and topped up online, but then also top up further at the festival using cash or card, this will also be refunded.


How does it work?

Before the festi-fun kicks off you’ll need to create and top up your own personal cashless account.

When you arrive to the festival, our team will exchange your ticket for a special wristband that’s registered to you - think of it like your bank card for the day!

When you want to pay for food, drink or any other festi-fodder you just need to tap your wristband against the card machines (like you would with a contactless card or with your contactless mobile pay). When you've been given your wristband you will use the number on the tag to set up an account if you need to, and top up. It's easy!

If you don’t create an account before the festival you can still do it once you arrive.


Do I have to set up a cashless account?

No. But we strongly advise it, as this means...

- You can quickly and easily top up your account at any time either at a cashless tent or on the website

- If you lose your wristband we can block it so no one can spend your funds

- Refunds will be fully automated after the festival, which means avoiding the hassle of manual refunds

- Keep track of your family's spending on the day



How do I register?

You can set up your Cashless Personal Account here.


How can I add more tickets to my account?

Ticket purchase and Personal Accounts are separate. If you have bought multiple tickets on your email, you can distribute your tickets to your friends where they can set up their own personal accounts to add money here.

If you need to register multiple tickets please create as many accounts as necessary using a different email address for each of them. Only 1 ticket can be linked per email address.

If you want to register your ticket as a family and have a main account holder who will distribute money among multiple tickets, please read below:


We are a family/group of friends, how does this work with registering and credits?

Step 1) Main ticket holder opens an online personal account by registering their first name, last name, email address and creating a password.

Step 2) You will be required to input your ticket number. This is the number listed above the QR code on your general admission festival tickets.

Step 3) Select ‘Add Wallet’ here, you will be required to name the wallet.

Step 3) They can then input all of the other ticket codes into the "Add a Wallet" section one at a time, and give them tickets nicknames to label them.

Step 4) Select the wristband you want top up and upload the amount. 

Each individual account must be topped up in a separate transaction. Money cannot be split between wristbands. 


I bulk bought tickets – how do we top up?

To add money independently, each ticket must be registered to a personal cashless account separately using different email addresses. See above for more details.


How can I register my account during the festival?

Yes, all you need to do is follow the steps above, there will be QR codes located around the festival to assist you with your top up.


Do I have to register with my personal information?

Yes, your personal information will be used for transaction purposes, your details will not be passed onto any third parties or used for marketing purposes unless you opt-in. You can read more about our privacy policy here.


Can I create an account without a ticket?

No you will need to have a valid ticket ID number to create a PlayPass account.


Someone else bought my ticket, can I create a personal account?

Yes, this is not a problem. All you need to do is set up a cashless account and enter your ticket number (this is the number listed above the QR code).


My ticket number won’t let me register, what do I do?

If this is not working it is possible that your ticket number is still not yet known in the cashless system. If this does not work within 24 hours, please contact to resolve the issue.


How do I get my wristband?

Your wristband will be issued when you have your Entrance Ticket scanned at the festival when you arrive.



How do I top up my wristband?

You can add money to your wristband before the festival on your Personal Account. This includes registering for Auto Top Up so you never have to worry about this during the day. You can also top up during the festival at one of the Top Up Stalls and pay by card or cash, or through your online PlayPass account on your mobile device. You can also check your balance on your PlayPass account on your phone, or ask a member of staff when you make a transaction. 


What’s an automatic top-up?

Automatic top-ups are automatically renewed each time your balance goes below zero during the festival. You can enable this option in your personal account in advance, which means less time worrying about topping up and more time for festi-fun! You can also set a limit on the number of times your automatic top-up applies.


Can I top-up multiple wristbands with the same account?

No, both the account and your wristband are personal and you can have only one single wristband related to each account. If you need to top-up multiple wristbands, please create as many accounts as necessary using a different email address for each of them. 

However, if you register your tickets and account as a Family Account, the main account holder can distribute money between the registered ticket holders. Please note only the main account holder can top up your money. 


How much should I top up my wristband with?

You can charge your wristband with the amount that you want, but we suggest you put enough money for your entire visit, as this will allow you to save time in queues and avoid having to go back to the top-up point again if you run out of money.

For security reasons, the maximum you can top up in advance and on the festival day is £500.


Does my wristband have an expiration date?

Your wristband will be valid for the entire duration of the festival and you can use it as many times as you want. Your credits cannot be transferred to another festival.


What happens if I don't have enough credit on my wristband?

If the balance on your wristband is too low, unfortunately you won’t be able to purchase your goodies. There will be top up QR codes located at each stall so you can quickly top up and continue with your purchase. To avoid queues, you can top up online too in your personal account. We highly recommend registering before the festival and selecting Auto Top Up online. This means you'll never need to top-up during the festival, as your balance will update automatically.


What if I have doubts about my balance?

At each Food Stall and Bar and before/after each transaction, you can check the remaining balance on your wristband. If you have doubts about any past transactions, you can go to the Tourist Information Stall and speak to one of the team and ask for your transaction history. You can also turn to your personal account for this as well. 



What can I buy with my wristband?

Inside the festival, your wristband is the ONLY accepted payment method. You can use it at every Food Stall and Bar.


How do I pay for food, drinks and merchandise with my wristband?

To pay for items with your wristband, our staff will simply zap your wristband with their device – and that’s it! You can check your transaction history on your personal account or ask our staff at the time of transaction for an update of your balance.


Is my wristband waterproof or sun resistant?

Yes, your wristband will keep working rain or shine!


What happens if I lose my wristband?

Our wristbands are extremely secure, so in the very unlikely event that you lose your wristband please let one of the team know at the Top Up Stalls immediately so we can begin to issue a replacement. Your old wristband will be cancelled and a new one will be issued with the remaining amount left on your account. Please note we cannot refund any lost credits on your wristband between losing it and cancelling, so make sure you put your band on tightly! 


How can I check my wristbands balance?

You can check your balance at each Food Stall and Bar, at the Top Up Stalls or on your personal online account.


What if the Food Stall or Bar charges an incorrect amount?

If you think you have been charged an incorrect amount after having made a purchase, tell the staff member who charged you immediately and they will be able to contact a senior team member to issue a refund.



What about refunds?

Automatic refunds - if you topped up through your Personal Account:

To make the experience even more user-friendly, if you register an online Personal Account, you will now be able to receive a fully automatic refund of any money you don't spend at the festival! This service will refund you directly back to your credit or debit card. Once you've set up your account, you don't need to do anything further to activate your refund - it will happen all by itself as if by magic.

Automatic refunds will be initiated the Monday after the event at 9am and you can expect to receive funds between 5-7 working days, depending on your bank. 

You will also be given the opportunity to donate any remaining funds, or a part of your remaining funds, towards our three chosen charities on the Sunday after the festival. We will be splitting any donations equally between Hospitality Action, Action Against Hunger and WaterAid.

Manual refunds - if you have only topped up at a Top Up Station:

If you topped up at a Top Up Station at Smoked & Uncut with cash or card and did not create an online Personal Account, you will need to retrospectively create one to get any unspent money refunded. We will be in touch on the Monday after the festival to remind you to claim your refund. You will need your Wristband to do this.

If you’ve set up a personal account before the festival but not added any money to your account in advance, but topped up by cash or card once at the festival you’ll have to complete a manual refund to get your money back.

You will also be given the opportunity to donate any remaining funds, or a part of your remaining funds, towards our three chosen charities. We will be splitting any donations equally between Hospitality Action, Action Against Hunger and WaterAid.


Please note that you are responsible for providing Smoked & Uncut the correct information.

Manual refunds will be eligible to be processed for up to 22nd September 2021.


Will there be a transaction fee?

No there will be no refund transaction fee.


The refund period has passed, can I still get a refund?

The length of the refund period has been set up and communicated in advance by PlayPass. Unfortunately, if the period has passed, refunds cannot be processed anymore.


Where can I find a list of all items paid for?

In your personal account you can find a history of all the items you paid for during the festival.


I lost/had to cancel my card which I topped up my personal account with - can I still claim a refund?

Unfortunately, you will be unable to claim a refund onto any other payment method other than the one registered with your personal account.


I was unable to attend - how can I claim a refund on my personal account balance?

Please email


Who do I contact if I’m having issues?

If you are having any account or PlayPass related issues/queries please email


Will someone be there to help me if I get stuck?

There will be plenty of cashless support S&U staff who can help you if you need it on the day!


You can view here the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy for the Cashless System at Smoked & Uncut with PlayPass.