Getting Cashless Prepped

Smoked & Uncut are back with Wristband Payments... that's right, no coins, notes or drinks tokens in sight. So we want to make sure you are all prepped and ready for quicker payments and faster queues before the festi-fun! 

Pick your party below to get  Wristband ready for the big day!

THE PIG, New Forest - Saturday 18th June 2022

THE PIG-near Bath, Somerset - Saturday 9th July 2022

Lime Wood, New Forest - Saturday 23rd July 2022

THE PIG-at Bridge Place, Kent - Saturday 13th August 2022

Before the festival

Do I need to use Wristband Payments?

Yes. None of the Food Stalls or Bars will accept cash, so the more Wristband-ready you are, the better! 


Why set up a Personal Account before?

So you can focus more on garden-grooving, and less on the boring bits. Setting up a Personal Account before means you can pre-load your Wristband with cash, set recurring top ups for the day and simply not worry about finding Top Up Stations when your tummy is rumbling.

Topping up with your Personal Account before the festival also means your unspent money will be automatically refunded - one less thing to think about!

You are still able to claim back unspent money that you load onto your wristband if you only use the Top Up Stalls on-site, however you will need to fill in an online manual refund form within the week after the festival has finished - no brainer right?!


Will it work?

The PlayPass Wristband Payment System is highly secure. It doesn’t require Wi-Fi to work and syncs up to Food Stalls and Bars across the whole site. PlayPass are technology leaders in Wristband Payments, with their systems being used across countless festivals all over the world.




Do all stalls take Wristband Payments?

Yes, Wristband payments are the only method our Food, Drinks, Pop Up Feasting and other fun festi-stalls take. This also means no cash machines on-site.


Do Feasting Tents take Wristband Payments?

Once you're sat down and ready to dig in, you can use your Wristband to pay for a drink… or two.


Can I top up with cash or cards at the festival?

If you want to top up your Wristband on-site there will be QR codes dotted around the festival, you can visit our Top Up Station or do this through your Personal Account on your mobile device. Our Top Up Stations take both cash and card. Though if you want to spend more time dancing and less time worrying about topping up, you can pre-load your Personal Account (in the box at the top of the page) before you arrive at the festival. You can top up any amount on the day.

Remember, if you only top up on-site at the Top Up Station, these funds will not get automatically refunded and you will need to fill out a manual refund form to claim this money back. Please see below details of refunds if you top up both in your Personal Account and on-site.


What about refunds?

Automatic refunds - if you topped up through your personal account:

To make the experience even more user-friendly, if you register an online personal account and top up online, you will now be able to receive a fully automatic refund of any money you don't spend at the festival! This service will refund you directly back to your credit or debit card. Once you've set up your account, you don't need to do anything further to activate your refund - it will happen all by itself as if by magic.

Automatic refunds will be initiated 48 hours after the event and you can expect to receive funds between 5-7 working days, depending on your bank.

Please note you must save your card details when topping up online to ensure you receive an automatic refund. Without saving the card details Weezevent won't be able to action an automatic refund, as there won't be any card details saved to send the funds to.

If you have set up a personal account and topped up online, but then also top up further at the festival using cash or card, this will also be refunded.

You will also be given the opportunity to donate any remaining funds, or a part of your remaining funds, towards our three chosen charities before Tuesday at midday. We will be splitting any donations equally between Hospitality Action, Action Against Hunger and WaterAid.


Manual refunds - if you have only topped up at a Top Up Station

If you topped up at a Top Up Station at Smoked & Uncut with cash or card and did not create an online personal account, you will need to retrospectively create one to get any unspent money refunded. We will be in touch on the Monday after the festival to remind you to claim your refund. You will have 14 days after the festival to claim this and will need your Wristband to set up your personal account.


If you’ve set up a personal account before the festival but not added any money to your account in advance, but topped up by cash or card once at the festival you’ll have to complete a manual refund to get your money back.

You will also be given the opportunity to donate any remaining funds, or a part of your remaining funds, towards our three chosen charities before Tuesday at midday. We will be splitting any donations equally between Hospitality Action, Action Against Hunger and WaterAid.

Once the 14 day refund period has passed, any unclaimed refund amounts will be donated to charity.

Please note that you are responsible for providing Smoked & Uncut the correct information.


Will there be a transaction fee?

There will be no transaction fee on your cashless refunds.

Any other questions?

Head over to the Cashless FAQ page for all of the answers to your burning wristband questions.