This year we have decided to do things a little differently at Smoked & Uncut and use a cashless wristband system... that's right, no coins, notes or drinks tokens in sight. So we want to make sure you are all prepped and ready for quicker payments and faster queues before the festi-fun!


What's cashless?

Cashless quite literally means no cash transactions. This year we have introduced the PlayPass cashless wristband system, where you load money onto your RFID (Radio Frequency Identification… if you were wondering!) wristbands and swipe this to pay for your food and drinks.

Not only does this mean you won't have to wonder where that £20 in your back pocket wondered off to, but it's faster and easier to top up your money and pay for your food and drink, giving you more time to enjoy the festival!

Wi-Fi isn’t needed for payments, only a registered online personal account. If you pre-load money onto your wristband and select Auto Top Up, you won’t even have to worry about finding a Top Up station on the day! We will also have a number of staff on-site to give you a helping hand if you get in a pickle.


What do I need to do?

Step 1) After purchasing your Smoked & Uncut ticket, register with PlayPass for the specific festival you’re attending.

Step 2) Link your ticket barcode number to your PlayPass account

Step 3) Load up your money

If you are attending more than one Smoked & Uncut festival you will need to create a separate PlayPass account for each location. Below are the two remaining festival PlayPass festival logins:

>> Lime Wood, Lyndhurst – Saturday 27th July


Why cashless?

We know you will probably have some burning questions around cashless payments, so we’ve done our best to cover it all off below:


Why go cashless?

Safer - for everyone, including you! Using cashless payments eliminates the risk of losing or having money stolen.

Faster – your drinks will be poured and tummies will get filled much more quickly when we simply zap your band.

Easier – this means for our staff and traders we avoid using floats, any risk of missing money and it means our team can concentrate more on pouring drinks and serving snacks than counting coins or drinks tokens!


What’s wrong with cash?

Losing your wristband won’t be like losing your wallet. If your wristband goes walkies just simply tell one of our Top Up station staff. They will then cancel your old wristband immediately and you will be re-issued a new wristband with the remaining balance on your lost wristband.

There will be a handful of stalls in our marketplace with independent traders that will be accepting ONLY cash or card (not wristbands), but all Food Stalls and Bars, as well as Pop Up Feasting Tents, will be cashless.


Do I need to go cashless?

Yes. None of the Food Stalls or Bars will accept cash, so the more cashless-prepped you are, the better! Your wristband will automatically activate a PlayPass account when your Entrance Ticket is swiped on the day, however we HIGHLY advise setting up an account prior to partying for the specific festival you are attending.


Why set up an account before?

So you can focus more on garden-grooving, and less on the boring bits. Setting up an account before means you can pre-load your wristband with cash, get free money (you heard right!) with our pre-load bundles, set recurring top-ups for the day and simply not worry about finding top-up terminals when your tummy is rumbling.


Is it cashless everywhere?

There will be a handful of stalls in our marketplace with independent traders that will be ONLY accepting cash or card (not wristbands), but all Food Stalls and Bars, as well as Pop Up Feasting Tents, will be cashless. This also means no cash machines on-site.


Is Feasting cashless?

If we have room at the tables on the day, Feasting tickets to Angela Hartnett’s Field Kitchen and Mark Hix’s HIX Ruby Murray House will be available to be purchased using your wristband on the day. Once your sat down and ready to dig in, you can use your wristband to pay for a drink… or two.


Will it work?

The PlayPass system is a highly secure system. It doesn’t require Wi-Fi to spend and syncs up to Food Stalls and Bars across the whole site. PlayPass are technology leaders in cashless wristbands, with their systems being used across countless festivals all over the world.


What about Wi-Fi to top up?

We will have dedicated private Wi-Fi spots at our Top Up stations which will work uninterrupted throughout the festival. Though remember if you Pre-load and set up Auto Top Ups you won’t have to worry about finding Top Up stations on the day! Your Auto Top Up will simply kick in when you start getting low.


Topping up with cash or cards on site?

If you want to top up your wristband on site you can visit our Top Up station, or do this through your account on your mobile device. Our top up stalls take both cash and card. Though if you want to spend more time dancing and less time worrying about topping up, you can pre-load your account today to save yourself time on the day. You can top up any amount on the day, but if you pre-load with one of our bundles you get the added benefit of free money!


What was this about free money?

You heard correctly, we are offering free money when you top up with our bundles. If you pre-load £100 or more you get a whopping 10% of the amount back to spend on site. Your free money kicks in when you’ve spent your bundle, but won’t be processed in any refunds. Please note you can only purchase one bundle per ticket. 


What about refunds?

You can have your unspent money refunded on the Wednesday after the festival is over and out. We will be in touch with how to do this, as well as your refund link. There will be a £1 charge to process your refund. Refunds will run for 2 weeks before your unspent pennies are gone forever, so make sure you make any claims before the cut off. To claim back your unspent pennies it is VERY IMPORTANT YOU KEEP YOUR WRISTBAND or make a note of the number printed on the back of your wristband. This is because you need this number to enter into the web portal so your wristband and any unspent money can be identified. We repeat… IF YOU THROW YOUR WRISTBAND AWAY OR DO NOT MAKE A NOTE OF THE NUMBER ON THE BACK, WE MAY NOT BE ABLE TO PROCESS YOUR REFUND. Please note, you are alternatively able to claim a refund by providing the ticket number in your confirmation email. Please note you can only claim refunds against the wristband that you activated. 




Smoked & Uncut are excited to be a part of the PlayPass cashless system which we are confident will make both yours (and our) lives easier, and deliver tons more of festi-fun.


Our final words of advice so your future self will thank you:

1) Register now:

>> Lime Wood, Lyndhurst – Saturday 27th July

2) Pre-load before partying.

3) Set your Auto Top Up.

This way you won’t have to waste any valuable eating and drinking time queuing at Top Up Stations.


Any more burning questions? Cash queries? See our FAQ for more in depth cashless answers.


View here the Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy for the Cashless System at Smoked & Uncut with Playpass.