The Story So Far

The Smoked & Uncut story started with acoustic Sunday sessions held in the bars of Lime Wood and THE PIG, supporting local acts and providing guests with live music entertainment. Within a year Smoked & Uncut had grown into a small Sunday afternoon gathering with live music and a BBQ in the hotel grounds, perfect for soaking up the sun with the family.

The relaxed atmosphere, laid back beats, a passion for good honest food, locally sourced and simply cooked, all within the New Forest setting, proved to be the start of something pretty special. Within a couple of years Smoked & Uncut was becoming known as a festival with over 500 people attending a Sunday afternoon of live acts and street food stalls at Lime Wood, THE PIG, THE PIG near Bath and THE PIG on the beach. By 2016, Smoked & Uncut had doubled in size and our first venture into Glamping at THE PIG near Bath.

As for 2017….snuggled deep in the heart of the countryside, the combination of scenic views, the understated luxury of the Glamping Village, together with the rustic style and flavours of the street food stalls, including a VIP feast cooked up by Chef Angela Hartnett and friends, set to an eclectic soundtrack of good old fashioned rock and roll, Smoked & Uncut is definitely not your average weekend in the country!

Check out photos from last year's festivals below and then step back in time and view photos of Smoked & Uncut through the years...


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